400+ Seized Dogs Await Judgment

Article on the recent multi-state dogfighting bust:

Last week, specialists completed behavioral evaluations of the more than 400 dogs that are temporarily being held near St. Louis. After receiving recommendations from the Humane Society, expected later this month, federal judges will decide the fates of those dogs and the 39-and-counting puppies born since the raids.

The ASPCA’s Randall Lockwood, who also analyzed pit bulls in the Vick case, said that most dogs from fighting operations go into foster homes or special sanctuaries for further care. Eventually, some dogs may be safe for the general public to adopt.

Lockwood said that usually, as in the Vick case, some especially sick or aggressive dogs must be euthanized.

Since none are being adopted out to the public straight away, what’s the rush to kill? Couldn’t we let them ALL live at least until they have a chance to get acclimated to their new routines and surroundings? I can’t see any harm in that. If any dogs are killed based upon some pass/fail type evaluation, that does a disservice to the whole idea of evaluating dogs. Individual tests are not intended to be pass/fail – they are a guide to determining a future direction for each dog. Pass/Fail temperament tests are just an excuse to kill to my mind and we have enough of those excuses already. As for the “39-and-counting puppies” born since the seizures, I am assuming they are all guaranteed a chance for rescue. HSUS doesn’t kill bust puppies anymore, right?

The article gives an overview of some other recent dogfighting busts as well:

At Wildside Kennels in North Carolina, authorities seized more than 100 of Faron’s dogs. Many of the dogs were “significantly scarred” and at least one had a broken jaw.

Broken jaws are treatable, last I heard. And scarring is nothing in comparison to the pile of carcasses HSUS left after killing every last one of these dogs, including puppies still nursing from their dams.

But they don’t mention that – they never do. So I will bring it up. Because dead dogs can’t speak for themselves. And I won’t forget.

One thought on “400+ Seized Dogs Await Judgment

  1. It doesnt mention what their pass/fail criteria is, so don’t be so quick to attack just yet. It could be much like the public school system. A-D is pass. You could be 100% acceptable all the way down to 65%. But if you’re one grade, just one grade, below a D, is the only way to receive a fail.
    And “scarring” can mean more than one thing. You can be scarred from a traumatic experience, which this dogs most definitely were. If they were too aggressive that people couldnt even work with them or get close enough to begin work, there’s really not much that can be done. Much like us, they dont have all the time to take on a handful of dogs that are going to be particularly difficult, when they could be spending that time rescuing more dogs that its not too late for.

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