BARC in Houston Still a Trainwreck

The chief Veterinarian and a Veterinary Technician for BARC are out:

The firing comes nearly two weeks after Mayor Bill White hired Gary Fusco to turn the agency around. While Fusco was hired to be a “change agent,” some council members have questioned the decision to hire a man with a background in the manufacturing industry.
BARC has been rocked in recent weeks by well-publicized images of emaciated animals in their care, the mistaken euthanasia of a family dog and the discovery of improperly-designed cages after a puppy died in a drain last month. The puppy was brought in July 23 with its pit bull-mix mother and two siblings and mistakenly placed in a cage meant for older animals, officials said at the time. The puppy slipped through the floor grating in the cage and fell into an open drain — about the width of a soda can, officials said.

Not to mention the sad death of Coltrane. I hope BARC can get things turned around.

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