HSUS: Vick Enablers

While many people are understandably distraught over the idea that someone in the NFL might give Michael Vick a job, it’s worth mentioning that someone at HSUS did give Vick a job. And obtaining that position with HSUS was an important element in getting Vick reinstated to the NFL. Vick is set to play a role in the HSUS dogfighting campaign which is managed by another convicted felon, John Goodwin. Vick’s history on killing Pitbulls is clear. So is Goodwin’s. And neither Vick nor HSUS has ever publicly expressed remorse over their Pitbull killings. In a way, I guess you could say they were meant for each other.

My question is this: Will the general public hold HSUS accountable for giving Vick the job which, in part, enabled him to get reinstated to the NFL so he might get his old job back? Or will all the wrath be directed at whatever team signs him?

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  1. Lu Pugh

     /  March 24, 2014

    I hope that I am alive to know that M V got his due because he will someday. And I do not mean a job either. All the fake glory will not save him from his due that he owes for all the animals he killed tortured and abused. I read the book.


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