Proving My Innocence

Pursuant to my post on dog non-abuse, I am taking my hypothetical scenario one step further and thinking about how I would prove to authorities (or a judge or whomever) that I was actually a good dog owner. I’m envisioning a scenario where I am raided by AC, I behave badly at the time (Heaven forfend! I know none of you would, but I might) and they find a list of “offenses” similar to what we discussed in the previous post on the topic. Here’s a list off the top of my head, please chime in if you have ideas:

  • Veterinary Records – Although my vet records will reveal that I do not comply with all the recommendations made by my Vet, I believe they would adequately demonstrate a long term commitment to care of the dogs, including puppies.
  • Photos/Videos – I take a lot of photos of the dogs, usually outside, and those could serve to document the appearance of healthy dogs and clean yard over the long term.
  • Testimonials – I could request eyewitness testimonials regarding the care of our dogs from people who have been to our house and/or bought pups from us. I’m not sure how useful those would be because someone would have to actually sit down and read them which might be outside the realm of reasonable expectation.
  • Certificates – I could compile documentation of any achievements for which the dogs have earned recognition such as earning a Canine Good Citizen award.
  • Community Service – I might offer this blog as a means of demonstrating my volunteer commitment to the promotion of responsible dog ownership. I donate to my local no kill shelter as well although I have always declined getting a receipt for the donations. Maybe I should start accepting receipts and saving them.

What else would help convince someone I am not a (complete) loon, despite my less than desirable behavior during the raid and the supposed offenses of which I might be accused? How would you defend yourself if it ever became necessary?

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