Charity Begins at Home

See now, this is funny.

Wayne Pacelle of HSUS says this about Vick’s deal with the Philadelphia Eagles:

Michael Vick admits that what he did to dogs was cruel and barbaric, but now that he has served his time, he wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. He has pledged to make a long-term commitment to participate in our community-based outreach programs to steer inner-city youth away from dogfighting. At events with Michael in Atlanta and Chicago, we’ve seen him deliver a powerful message against animal cruelty. Like so many other major American cities, Philadelphia has a serious dogfighting problem, and groups like the Pennsylvania SPCA have excellent programs to combat dogfighting locally.

Vick commented today that he’d like to continue his animal welfare activities locally. But a local Philly news station reports this:

Fox 29 was there when the top leadership of the Pennsylvania SPCA tried to drive into the Novacare Complex on Friday morning.

The group wanted to attend the Michael Vick press conference and to kick-start a dialogue with Eagles management.

But they never got past the gate and security turned them away as the newest – and most controversial – Eagle made his press conference debut.


[…]SPCA leaders say they’re dumbfounded no one from the Eagles contacted them before dropping the Vick bombshell.

Vick spoke at the presser today saying good sounding things about being a part of the solution, not part of the problem (just like it says in Pacelle’s press release). My thoughts on redemption are complex but to simplify: If you truly wanted to do good and help dogs and demonstrate that you’re a changed man, wouldn’t you just, you know – do that?

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