Hey HSUS – They’re Gonna Let Squeaky Fromme Out, Can You Do Anything for Her?

Another coincidence of timing: Vick makes two closed-door appearances for HSUS which are taped for a 60 Minutes story this Sunday and he gets signed to the Eagles on Thursday night.

Michael Vick has many to thank for getting his old job back as NFL quarterback, not the least of which is HSUS:

But they [the Philadelphia Eagles] also understand that they did every bit of research they could to support their decision. They spoke extensively with Goodell. Reid spoke with Dungy. The team spoke with the president of the National Humane Society and everyone who had a voice in the outrage that surrounded Vick’s involvement with dog fighting.

1. HSUS was hardly “outraged” that Vick killed Pitbulls. In fact, post rescue, HSUS advocated that all Vick’s Pitbulls be killed, in keeping with their (now supposedly former) policy of death for all seized Pitbulls.

2. The Eagles didn’t speak with everyone:

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