What is a Rape Rack?

Ever since Vick was signed to the Eagles, this blog has been deluged with Googlers trying to find out what a rape rack is and what it has to do with Michael Vick. I’m writing this brief post to answer those queries.

A rape rack (aka “rape stand” or “breeding stand”) is a torture device used to force a bitch in heat to allow a male dog to breed her against her wishes. As a breeder, I have always believed “bitches know best” – that is, most bitches will mate willingly with most dogs and if my bitch ever refused a particular male, I would follow her lead. Mating is an instinctive act for dogs and therefore, if a female wants nothing to do with a certain male, I have to believe she may instinctively have a reason for it. And if I’m wrong in my thinking – so what? I’d still never force a bitch to be bred against her will. Luckily I’ve never encountered that problem.

The idea of justifying the use of a rape rack because it “protects the male” is hogwash. Normal dogs need no extreme “protection” during mating such as this evil device provides. And if a female is so aggressive she refuses all suitors, well obviously that is not normal and you wouldn’t want to breed from her anyway.

According to published reports, authorities found a rape rack (among other things) on Michael Vick’s property during the 2007 dogfighting raid.

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