Can The World Produce Sufficient Food Without Factory Farms?

I don’t know the answer to this question but I have done some reading on the subject. It seems there is a lot to debate. In order to feed the number of people on the planet who currently choose to eat meat, eggs, dairy and other animal products, it seems like the “family farm” wouldn’t produce adequate supply. Thus, the so-called factory farm with practices that many people seem to at least express some environmental/ethical concern over and at most, abhor. But is it feasible to eliminate them?

Some possible ideas would be for everyone to reduce their consumption of animal products, to encourage more family farming and “backyard” farming, and for those unable to produce their own animal products, to buy from family farms in order to help them stay solvent.

I’m sure there are other ideas, probably better than the ones I listed. Whaddaya got?

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