NC Authorities Find Injured Pitbulls in Poor Conditions

…and leave them there. All 50 of them:

[…]members of the Sheriff’s Department investigated the area on foot and smelled marijuana and observed more than 50 dogs, some of which were seriously injured, the press release said.

[Onslow Co Sheriff Ed] Brown said officers observed no food for the animals and the only water available was “muddy rain water.”


Animal Control “put the dogs under their authority” but were unable to take them into custody and remove them from the premises because there is nowhere to keep them, Brown said.

So how serious are the injuries?

Some of the 50 dogs looked sick and injured[.]
Sheriff Brown said one of the dog’s faces appeared to have been torn off and had grown back.

Can we get these dogs some help so they do not have to sit in the mud with logging chains around their necks and half their faces torn off while police sort this thing out? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.

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