Garland Shelter to Kill More Pets by Injection vs. Gas Chamber

The Garland animal shelter has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century and its modern methods of killing pets:

Garland’s animal shelter will shift from carbon monoxide gassing to lethal injection as its main means of euthanization by the end of the year according to a memo from City Manager Bill Dollar.

Before we get too excited about this development, let’s remember that the shelter is:

  • Still killing healthy, adoptable pets
  • Changing their killing method after the local paper exposed many unlawful, inhumane killings at the shelter
  • Only admitting to one case of killing a pet under the age of 4 months in the gas chamber


The city continues to reiterate the fact that both methods of euthanization are approved under American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines and State of Texas regulations.

Yeah, why is that AVMA and Texas?

Dollar’s memo continues:

“The selection of euthanasia methodology has always been tied to resource allocation,” the memo said. “Departmental management has been, and continues to be, unwilling to operate in a manner that will increase response time to citizen calls for service simply to use a less efficient, but equally humane, method of euthanasia (injection of sodium pentobarbital) more frequently.”

Oh my. This rhetoric is approaching the level of “If we kill pets by injection, the terrorists win”. I wonder what this exemplary “response time to citizen calls” is that they value so highly? Heaven forfend a resident would have to wait an extra minute to complain about his neighbor’s barking dog just because the shelter can’t gas as many pets as it would like. Get with it Garland city officials. We’re watching.

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