12 Seized Pitbulls Killed in NY

Authorities in Buffalo NY seized 25 Pitbulls this month in an alleged dogfighting ring bust. The Buffalo City Animal Shelter has now killed 12 of the dogs. Of the remaining dogs, there is a litter of 8 pups.

I did not find any information on whether the dogs received evaluations by qualified individuals prior to being killed. Even if the dogs were individually evaluated, too little time has elapsed for any behavior modification/training, which may have been recommended based upon the tests, to take effect. And setting aside those issues, I am guessing none of the owners have had their day in court yet. Therefore these dogs remain the legal property of the accused unless they have signed them over for authorities to dispose of at their discretion. Lots of questions, no answers, and another pile of dead Pitbulls. Just when it seemed like the tide was turning for seized dogs.

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.

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