12 Seized Pitbulls Killed in NY

Authorities in Buffalo NY seized 25 Pitbulls this month in an alleged dogfighting ring bust. The Buffalo City Animal Shelter has now killed 12 of the dogs. Of the remaining dogs, there is a litter of 8 pups.

I did not find any information on whether the dogs received evaluations by qualified individuals prior to being killed. Even if the dogs were individually evaluated, too little time has elapsed for any behavior modification/training, which may have been recommended based upon the tests, to take effect. And setting aside those issues, I am guessing none of the owners have had their day in court yet. Therefore these dogs remain the legal property of the accused unless they have signed them over for authorities to dispose of at their discretion. Lots of questions, no answers, and another pile of dead Pitbulls. Just when it seemed like the tide was turning for seized dogs.

Every dog deserves a fair evaluation.

Pet Store Protesters Get Shot at in CA

Friday in Santa Monica, several people staged a protest in front of the Aquarium & Pet Center alleging the store purchased puppies from puppy mills:

Three protesters were hit with what was later determined to be brass pellets fired from a high-powered air rifle. The protesters suffered minor injuries, said Sgt. Jay Trisler with the Santa Monica Police Department, which is asking for the public’s help in identifying the shooter.
Davis [head of the protest group] said employees with the Aquarium & Pet Center threatened the protesters and were seen laughing after the shots were fired.

The store’s owner, Scott Lee, said his employees were not involved in the attack and does not purchase animals from mills.

“We get ours from local breeders … ,” Lee said. “[The accusations are] not true.”

There is a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.

Call for Photos

Time for a blog makeover. Please send me any photos you wouldn’t mind having posted on the blog. My favorites are photos depicting the human-animal bond – they don’t necessarily have to have a human in them, but if they do, that’s A-OK. Any pets welcome, and I have a soft spot for kids with pets but adults also acceptable. You can e-mail photos to: eiderdown–at–yesbiscuit–dot–com.

Fail, Six Ways from Sunday

I often say that most of us in SC are normal people – we just don’t make the national news. I’m not sure if this story has gone national but it generally qualifies:

After running over a dog on a rural road in McClellanville on Thursday morning, the driver of a pickup truck tried to “put the dog out of its misery” by whacking the animal with a machete and a hammer, authorities said.

The dog’s owner heard the dog’s plaintive yelping and ran out of his house, grabbed the machete and hammer and started whaling away with the hammer, attacking the man who had been attacking his dog.

The driver was hospitalized with a skull fracture. The dog’s owner is in jail, accused of trying to kill the driver. The dog, whose name is “Dingo,” was hanging on for his life Thursday night.

If you want all the details, you can clicky. I have sat here for the past 10 minutes trying to think how to summarize the back story and provide sensible commentary with hopefully some sort of uplifting message. I’m tired of waiting.

Wysong Hits Back at Blogosphere

Pet food watchers have been critical of Wysong for posting the recall notice for certain batches of their foods a week after notifying retailers. The company has now responded to some of the online comments from consumers with an expanded notice.

LA Pitbull Owners Sue Group Who Killed All Their Dogs

Floyd Boudreaux and his son are suing the Louisiana SPCA for killing all their seized Pitbulls immediately after seizure in a dogfighting case in which the defendants were eventually acquitted of all charges:

On March 11, 2005, the men were arrested and 57 dogs were seized from their Youngsville home after a Louisiana State Police investigation into alleged dogfighting.

They stood trial in October 2008 and were acquitted of all charges.

According to state law, upon acquittal, all items confiscated from the Boudreauxs should be returned to them, [attorney Richard] Dalton said.

“But all the dogs are dead,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how the court rules in what seems to be a complex case:

According to Louisiana Revised Statute 14:102.6, the law enforcement officer making the arrest can lawfully take possession of suspected fighting dogs and “cause them to be humanely euthanized as soon as possible by a licensed veterinarian or a qualified technician.”

But the law further allows the owners to post a bond with the court “within 15 days after receiving notice of such seizure…”

The Boudreauxs were arrested on a Friday, Dalton said. They were in jail until Monday and were unable to post a bond on their dogs until then.

By then, the dogs were dead, euthanized by the SPCA with 24 hours of being seized in the police raid, he said.

In testimony during their trial, Trooper Jacob Dickinson, a state police investigator who headed the case, said the SPCA gave investigators no prior notice before euthanizing the dogs.

So was this a case of the SPCA going rogue? What’s their explanation for killing the dogs immediately upon seizure?

Future Episode of ‘Behind the Music’?

In May, former Missing Persons lead singer Dale Bozzio was convicted of animal cruelty. Long story short, Ms. Bozzio says she cared for a number of feral cats in her home and hired a caretaker to look after them while she was on tour. The caretaker became ill and never showed up for work and couldn’t reach Ms. Bozzio to advise her because she was on tour (apparently in places without phones?). Authorities found the cats suffering in deplorable conditions – some died on their own and the remaining dozen or so were euthanized. Ms. Bozzio was sentenced to a small amount of jail time but filed an appeal which will be heard later this month. In the meantime, she went back out on the road.

Search Term Chaos

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Nuh-uh ABC News!

An ABC News article on home cooked meals for pets vs. kibble contains a couple of misleading statements by my interpretation. Regarding the major pet food recall of 2007, ABC says:

Dozens of dogs and cats died as owners learned about the tainted dog food, most of which was imported from Chinese manufacturers.

Firstly, “dozens” is misleading because it makes it seem like the total number of dead pets as a result of the melamine tainted food was less than the thousands who likely died. Secondly, although the melamine tainted ingredients were imported from China, the toxic pet food itself was largely manufactured in the U.S., using the poisoned ingredients. No one should feel automatically “safe” buying a pet food just because it wasn’t made in China.

As far as so-called regulation goes, ABC notes:

Gallagher and Thompson [from the Pet Food Institute] didn’t dispute some of [Dr. Richard] Pitcairn’s claims of byproducts that were sometimes found in food, but pointed out that the commercial industry is regulated — a stamp of approval not guaranteed with home cooking.

Again, misleading to my mind because the “regulation” of the pet food industry is done by AAFCO and it’s by no means an independent, third-party “stamp of approval” for pet food products. Further, of course there is no guarantee that home prepared diets are 100% complete and balanced – whether you are feeding humans, pets, or weevils. That doesn’t mean they’re unsafe.

Batches of Wysong Dog Food Recalled

From the Wysong website:

The following batches of Wysong Canine Diets Maintenance™ and Senior™ have shown above acceptable moisture levels and may contain mold.

Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090617
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090624
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090706
Wysong Maintenance™: lot #: 090720
Wysong Senior™: lot #: 090623