Memphis Animal Shelter Abuse Photos


This pup was brought into the Memphis Animal Shelter on August 18, 2009:

This is the same pup on September 4. She was found dead in her cage:

Fuckity fuck fuck.

This was not a one off case. This shit has allegedly been going on for a long, long time.

I wonder if they’re feeding the dogs NOW?

I can’t help looking at that sweet face and seeing just the spot I’d like to leave lipstick on that pup – right between the eyes.


2 thoughts on “Memphis Animal Shelter Abuse Photos

  1. When their organization has hired lazy psychopaths, the starvation, abuse, unclean cages, abuse, mishandling, abuse, lying, abuse, cover-ups, abuse, clerical errors, missing dogs/cats, abuse and the killing of 3out of 4 animals means very little to them. Every mistake, wrong-doing & crime commited at MAS is always shrugged off with every excuse even I couldn’t of thought of.

    We, the citizens of Memphis & the rest of the country watching, demand that our tax supported animal services change into a more compassionate service which works towards adoptions- not killing, owner/animal reunion- not hidden or no effort made, health care- not abuse, compassion & care from employees- not mishandling & abuse, cameras set for transparency- not hiding behind blackouts, excuses & continous abuse, the safe return of pets when coming after them- not lies from felons, not dead from neglect, employees that know & care about dogs/cats with experience- not a pack of lazy uncaring psychopaths that are only there for a paycheck. We want & deserve a shelter to be proud of, not what we have now.

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