Tips for Avoiding Factory Farm Products

A guide to shopping and eating for those who wish to avoid supporting factory farms:

Most people share at least the following traits: they want to be healthy; they like animals; and they value clean air and water. Yet relatively few Americans connect those concerns with their food. As more people start making the link (especially if they’ve seen graphic video footage of industrial animal operations), many decide it’s time to stop eating foods from factory farms. This is a guide for doing just that.

Among the author’s recommendations:

  • Eat less meat. Eat better meat. (The same goes for dairy products and eggs).
  • Know your labels (and their shortcomings).
  • Explore alternative stores (independent grocery stores and co-ops).
  • Pasture is the gold standard.
  • Grass fed is very good (but the label is weak).
  • Organic is very good, (but the label isn’t perfect).
  • Free range is okay (but the label is seriously flawed).
  • Antibiotic free doesn’t mean much.

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