Just Sayin’

If you’ve ever tried to engage a religious zealot who knocked on your door to convert you in a reasonable discussion of the “Live and let live” principle, you know the meaning of pointless. They are driven to show the world that everybody else is wrong, they’re right and good news, you can – and absolutely must – join them (unless you want to burn in the eternal fires of hell).

You know what group reminds me of those people? Cesar Millan haters.

If you think Cesar Millan is Satan incarnate, yippy damn skippy for you – have a balloon. Whatever. You don’t have to watch his show, read his books or say anything nice about him ever. But seriously, if you feel compelled to go frothy on every e-mail list, forum or blog post that mentions the man’s name, you might want to consider changing the channel in your brain once in awhile. This is getting really old.

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