Wayne Puts the Smack Down

You guys! Oh my god you guys! I heard from Brent that over on the Wayne’s World blog, Wayne posted a note that he was passing around Mrs. Pigglewiggle’s class in 4th period. And in that note, he says that Marcie has a big butt – AHAHAHA! I mean, he doesn’t actually say Marcie by name, in case Mrs. Pigglewiggle would have gotten hold of the note you know, but it’s totes obvious he’s talking about Marcie. And not only that, but you know how Marcie is so uppity and all “I’m Class President” and stuff? Well Wayne’s now saying that he’s the Class President and he thought of the whole idea of having a Class President and he’s gonna get us beer at the prom! Isn’t he teh awesome?
OK Code 9. G2G.

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