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I watched the US premiere of the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed last night. Did you? What did you think? I began coveting Cavaliers when I got to know one who boarded at the vet clinic where I worked 20 years ago. I’ve never met one since that seemed to be anything less than perfectly lovely. Unfortunately the health problems plaguing the breed have kept me away. As Billy asked me last night, “Do you think someone would ever consider breeding them specifically for good health?” I hope that there are indeed Cavalier breeders already doing just that. Of course I’d expect them to be blackballed by many breed fanciers and so perhaps hard to find. It seems a terrible shame that such a sweet and gentle dog should have fallen into the hands of people who care more about dog show ribbons than they do pain and suffering of the dogs.

Speaking of gentle creatures victimized by man, manatees are concentrated in the warm waters of the FL coast in November through March. If you are boating this winter, watch out for them.

Feeding dogs a vegan diet vs. a raw meaty bones diet – this article is not long enough to go in depth, but it brings to light the argument of cruelty on both sides.

If you enjoy the drawings of famed animator Chuck Jones, you’ll want to check out his pet gallery on exhibit in San Diego this Sunday.

That’s about all the chit I’ve got in my chat at the moment. Please feel welcome to chime in with your own randomness.

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