Treats on the Internets

The ice… is gonna break!

Lawrence Humane Society workers in Kansas now carrying concealed weapons

South Carolina: Clemson University kills squirrels after birth control attempt fails

Lassie Get Help: “Living on nothing but food stamps” – with dogs [and Western values]

The Pitbull who injured a SC girl has been euthanized due to the severity of his injuries. The girl’s Father, who apparently owned the dog and left the kids home alone while he went to the store, may be charged with “keeping a dangerous animal or having an animal creating a nuisance”. No word on child neglect charges.

Via this post on the Poodle and Dog Blog, I came across this debunking of New Zealand reseachers’ claim that owning a medium sized dog is worse for the environment than driving an SUV.

TX exotics dealer who had tens of thousands of animals seized by authorities accuses an employee of intentional animal neglect in order to further his cruelty claims made as an undercover PETA investigator.

Amidst tragedy, a humane society stands together

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