FL Kill Shelter Receives Needed Aid, Says Meh

Pasco Co Animal Services in FL kills approximately 60% of the dogs and 85% of the cats in their care. Now a group of area Veterinarians is trying to reduce the kill numbers by providing shelter management software, supplies and volunteering to perform surgeries and hold off-site adoption events. In addition, the group intends to apply for a $20,000 grant for TNR efforts. The county, instead of expressing gratitude, seems suspicious at best:

Assistant County Administrator Michele Baker said she needed more information about the tracking software to determine how it would benefit the department and to ensure there isn’t a duplication of services.

“It’s going to require close coordination to be effective,” she said.

Baker expressed some reservations about the grant proposal, saying she wanted to make sure the department wouldn’t be required to provide matching funds.

“We are open to any suggestion that could help us reduce the feral cat population,” she said. “If there’s no match required, then yay.”

Read as: If they’re really willing to do all the work for us and we don’t have to lift a finger, then uh – yay, I guess.

The Vets are also encouraging the county to participate in the next Pet Adoption Expo at the FL State Fairgrounds where hundreds of homeless pets find new owners. The reason the shelter hasn’t participated previously? “[T]hey can’t send a staff member for the day.” The Vet group will probably round up volunteers to work the booth, which the shelter could have and should have done on its own. But apparently they just keep their noses to the killing grindstone and can’t really be bothered with much else.

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