CO Dog Stolen, Dragged to Death

In Colorado last month, 32 year old mom Melissa Lockhart allegedly stole 2 dogs from the bed of a pickup truck because she thought the dogs were “abandoned“. A witness wrote down Lockhart’s license plate number at the scene of the crime. One of the dogs ended up back home with the owners but the second dog, Buddy, was found dead at the CO National Monument.

Lockhart had reportedly taken Buddy to the home of her brother, 37 year old Steven Romero and told him to “get rid of the dog“. Romero allegedly drove Buddy to the national park, tied him to the back of his truck and dragged him to death, dumping the remains at the side of a snowy road. Both Lockhart and Romero have been arrested. I’m guessing that because Romero tortured the dog to death in a national park, he may get sentenced to a term in federal prison. Lockhart will probably face a much lighter punishment for the theft of the dogs.

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