Treats on the Internets

Baltimore Co police documents portray dog groomer as a “nurse” to dogs used in alleged dogfighting ring

18 year old in NC charged with dogfighting, aspired to be the “next Michael Vick

21 dogs seized in VA from man with previous cruelty convictions in and out of state

Owner of a dog who died at ASPCA veterinary hospital files suit after allegations the Vet kicked the dog

AVMA threatens Veterinary Information Network News Service with legal action over investigation

VA businesswoman produces raw food products for pets with ingredients from local farms

Lovely piece in the NY Times about two dogs who lived in an apartment building on the Upper West Side

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. It really cracks me up. She worked at a vets,she worked at a day care; even her SoBo dog daycare employer is nonplussed about the presence of drugs. He has not commented on whether or not the "dog fighting paraphernalia"she is alleged as having in her possession are in fact from his place.Whatever.

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