Fugitive Alert for Former Memphis Animal Shelter Director

Ernest Alexander, the former Director of the troubled Memphis Animal Shelter has been indicted on six counts of aggravated animal cruelty after shelter dogs starved to death on his watch. He is on the lam and anyone with information as to his whereabouts is asked to contact the Fugitive Squad:

To contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Fugitive Division, call 901-545-5625.

Brave enough to kill dogs but too scaredycat to face the music.

Also indicted was Tina Quattlebaum, an administrative supervisor at the shelter. She’s been collecting weekly paychecks of $780 for the past three months while on suspension. Veterinarian Angela Middleton has been indicted on the same six counts of aggravated cruelty. She’s been drawing a weekly paycheck of $1663 during her suspension. Both women turned themselves in and bonded out. The Mayor says he can now fire the suspended employees.

Meanwhile the investigation into the shelter’s shady practices continues:

In addition to animal abuse and neglect concerns, authorities have been investigating the shelter’s finances and whether euthanasia drugs are missing.

A June 2009 city audit found that the shelter “had no written cash-handling policies and procedures to safeguard cash and checks and ensure continuous accountability for cash and checks.”

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