Treats on the Internets

Kansas City dog advocate goes door to door to educate and help owners

KC Dog Blog on why you can’t pick and choose which pets get saved if you are a no kill shelter

Three captive wolves “set free” in MN by criminals – they are unable to survive in the wild

If this dog really weighs 115 pounds, it’s not a Pitbull

I guess it’s World Cat Day – which makes some people hungry

Political cartoon about Lady Justice and Chem Nutra

On the heels of the Westminster dog show, a little food for thought by way of King Tut, whose parents were close family members: It turns out, the boy king was only made to look pretty in statues. In real life, he was disabled, frail and probably had a weak immune system. The takeaway: “Inbreeding is not an advantage for biological or genetic fitness.”

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