13 Pitbulls Seized in SC Dogfighting Case

Note: This is a breaking story so hopefully more information will become available as the case progresses.

Thirteen Pitbulls were seized over the weekend in McConnells (York County), SC and three men have been charged with animal fighting and baiting:

The York County Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous tip on Saturday, February 20 about a dog fight that was in progress behind a home at 1350 McConnells Highway.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they followed a trail behind the house which led into the woods. At the end of the trail, the deputies found a dog fighting pit with lights. There was lots of blood in the pit and buckets surrounding the pit, according to the sheriff’s office.


Most of the dogs had scarring consistent with having been in a fight.

Each of the above links contains a small photo of a dog seized in this case (two different dogs). Very hard to tell much from one small picture, but neither one struck me as looking particularly Pitbull-ish. Hopefully we’ll see more photos that show the condition of the dogs. They are being kept at York County Animal Control.

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