Treats on the Internets

A candlelight vigil was held last week in memory of the 146 Wilkes Co Pitbulls who were killed by HSUS one year ago. Photos from the event here.

Before you get a pet, watch this vid.

Memphis Police Department reportedly shoots a lot of dogs (for example, this dog). The new director of the Memphis Animal Shelter is hoping to work with police to get them additional training on the issue.

Two Boxer mixes remain jailed in Brampton, Ontario on the grounds that they are Pitbulls. The community has rallied in support of the owners and their pets.

A Granny in North Dakota has started a petition to ban Pitbulls in her town. Her grandson owns 3 Pitbulls. German Shepherds may be tossed in as well. Her daughter owns 3 German Shepherds. Rottweilers are on the hit list too although the article doesn’t say who in Granny’s family might own 3 of those.

Yellow Tail wine will make its donations elsewhere in future after backlash from $100k donation to HSUS

Reader Valerie sent me a link to the gloriously named PETApotty (yes, we’re all 9 years old)

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