Update on Spork Case

The owners of a Dachshund who bit a CO veterinary technician have been granted a 6 month deferred prosecution by a judge. So long as Spork doesn’t bite anyone during the next 6 months, the charges will be dropped.

One of the many things I’ve learned from Cesar Millan would potentially be applicable in Spork’s case: Hand little dogs off backwards. That is, when Person A is holding a little dog and wants to hand the dog over to Person B, Person A first turns the dog around so that his face is pointing towards Person A and away from Person B. This helps prevent the dog from being afraid when Person B invades his personal space and it removes any easy target (such as a face, in the Spork case), should the dog bite. Of course nothing beats a muzzle for preventing bites but it’s always good to have additional tools in the toolbox.

6 thoughts on “Update on Spork Case

  1. My understanding is the vet tech was holding Spork the same way Person B would be holding a dog handed to them. He turned around and nailed her in the face with a really hard bite.

  2. I read multiple accounts indicating the bite occurred when the tech put her face in the dog's face as she was taking the dog from the owner. But as I said, muzzles are the best preventive. I just like learning tidbits here and there that may come in useful sometime.

  3. I've also read varying accounts of the way it happened. I wonder if it is the eyewitnesses or the news accounts.

  4. The most recent reports state that the woman did not place her face in the dog's. I may be putting too much faith in the vet tech, but I'd like to believe a 15-yr veteran w/ only one other accidental bite would know better. :)I agree, a muzzle would have been the smartest solution, considering the owners knew full well their dog was a frightened, unpredictable mess at the vet.

  5. The truth is that Spork's future – hell, his LIFE – now depends on his owner's ability to avoid putting him in situations where he might bite someone.Unfortunately, so many times in cases like this the owners completely let the dog down. Let's hope that isn't the case here.

  6. Every account I've read said the tech stuck her face in the dog's face. I have not read any contrary account. I also read the dog was in such fear that he was defecating all over the owner. That alone might have given a "15 year veteran" (another claim I've never heard before) a clue that special handling was indicated. Every single thing about how this went down says to me that the vet tech was hoping for a finding that Spork was vicious so she would have a nice lawsuit against her boss, the owner or both. I'm glad Spork got his reprieve. I agree, his owners must be vigilant about avoiding situations where a bite might occur, even if this was a first-time event. I would muzzle him when he goes to the vet, for example, and take protective measures if he is in any stressful situation.

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