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Added: 4pm, 3-16-10: The new blog is currently down. My bad. Will update this post as soon as I figure the bugger out.


I’m doing that annoying thing bloggers sometimes do – moving my blog. I’ll leave this one up as an archive source (although I have moved some of the posts to the new blog). To allow everyone time to update bookmarks and such, I’ll crosspost everything to both blogs for the rest of the week. Starting next week, I’ll be posting new stuff only at the new blog.

I don’t have all the curtains up or doilies out at the new place yet but it’s livable. Please feel welcome to let me know if you have any problems with or comments about the new blog.

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5 thoughts on “Blog Moving

  1. First!!!1!!OMG, I've always wanted to do that. Looking forward to doilies, curtains, etc.Actually tried to post this comment over at the new place — got an error message. Probably just needs to warm up a bit and get firing on all cylinders, or whatever it is new blogs have to do.

  2. It showed up at the new blog – just got put into the queue. I have it set for everyone having to be approved 1 time before they can spam me there. But I don't like that it told you there was an error. *frownyface*

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