Treats on the Internets

This sounds like a pretty good dog

We all use stamps, even if we use them less frequently than we did in the before time – why not buy these?

Rescuers in Houston would like to take a dog at BARC to a veterinary specialist to see if her sight can be saved but BARC is refusing to release her

Austin is encouraging the community to get involved in achieving its no kill goals

Pets Alive is asking people to contact NY state politicians regarding the possible seizure of their land

Grace’s Law, a proposal to end the use of the gas chamber in GA shelters, passes the House and heads to Senate

23 Pitbulls seized in Oakland, CA are owned by someone with a prior dogfighting conviction

The head of the South MS Animal Rescue Team and Refuge was keeping more than 200 dogs, about 75 cats, some goats, a chicken and a pony on less than an acre of land.  She faces 10 counts of cruelty to animals – all misdemeanors.

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. That poor dog at BARC! I hope to heaven that they have her on major painkillers until they get done screwing around arguing about her future. I can’t imagine not even getting an x-ray done with that kind of damage…surely that would be part of the minimum standard of care?

  2. This morning Pets Alive found two politicians willing to help clear the matter up – it was all due to a simple tax paperwork error made by the dying founder in 2007 that local officials had been playing pass-the-buck on.

  3. ok eyes ifhey csave and this place dont know if they can be save cause they have no way of taking test on her stop fighting over her and get her into a rescue ASAP u would not like it if ur eyes could be saved and they took them out anyways and u wouldnt be able to ever see again give her a chance in life why do we have to say anything the people running that shelter shame on u stop thinking of ur self and think of thei poor baby that is sufering if this shelter people have a heart and a brain then they need to let the first rescue take her and ge her on her way to getting well !!!!! I HATE HIGH KILL SHELTERS why oh wh cant this baby be rescue ASAP yea no xrays or anything they might open her up and make her worse LET A RESCUE HAVE HER THIS IS SO SAD HEART BREAKING I AM CRYING WRITING THIS GIVE THIS BABY ANOTHER CHANCE IN LIFE SHE HAMADE IT THIS FAR LET HER LIVE AND HAVE HER EYES IF THEY CAN BE SAVED !!!!!! PLEASE KEEP ME UP DATED ABOUT HER GOD BLESS HER AND THE PEOPLE THAT IS TRYING TO GET HER OUT OF THE HIGH KILL SHELTER I LUV RESCUES THEY NO MORE ABOUT ANIMALS THEN THE ANIMAL SHELTER DO ALL THE ANIMAL SHELTER KNOWS IT PUT THEM DOWN GOD BLESS ALL THEY WILL RESCUE HER FROM THIS SHLETER

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