Update on Murphy

You might remember Murphy, the Aussie mix whose owner beat his head in with a sledgehammer and left him for dead in an Atlanta park in 2008.  He was saved by a good Samaritan, Robert Kennedy, who is now Murphy’s owner and his treatment was paid for by animal lovers across the continent:

Kennedy was overwhelmed by how many people responded to Murphy’s plight. He set up a trust fund for the dog’s care after offers to help poured in from 30 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. He raised $38,000 — money that will last throughout Murphy’s life and then go to nonprofit pet rescue groups.

As for the previous owner, he claimed in court that he mistakenly thought the dog had been poisoned so bashed his head in as an act of kindness.  (This must be that PETA brand of “kindness”.)  He was sentenced to a year in jail.

Thanks in large part to the excellent long term care provided by Mr. Kennedy, Murphy is now thriving at home:

“He couldn’t be happier with life,” Kennedy adds. “My wish for everybody is to have room in their heart to take a dog into their home and know that kind of happiness.”

Word.  And thank you to everyone who helped save a suffering dog in a ditch on a cold December morning.  All the pets in our communities should have that same chance.  They are all worth it.

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