Treats on the Internets

April 1st is No Kill Day :::clink:::

Residents of Spartanburg Co, SC:  The Spartanburg Humane Society will be spaying and neutering 2010 cats for $15 ($5 for low income owners who qualify).

A Beagle with a litter of 9 pups was rescued by a NJ shelter from a shelter in VA which had the Beagle on the kill list. She and her pups were in rough shape – 5 of the pups died and the dam required surgery to remove a bullet from her leg. All are doing much better now and the NJ shelter is seeking donations for their care.

Exotic animal trainer writes about giving animals power over their environment in training

This Beagle gots tricks! (video)


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  1. Pet chairs for pets are usually silly, however, dogs suffering from disorders like megaesophagus sometimes need to sit in a special chair like this one, to eat without choking.

    (Donna, who is an old friend of mine, is a wonderful person. She and her husband developed the Bailey Chair and give away information on how to build your own to anyone interested.)



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