Update on MS Dogs Rescued from Overcrowded Shelter

An update on 13 of the 400+ dogs found living in a MS shelter designed to hold 60 in January:

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) says that the 13 abandoned dogs and puppies they took in from a Mississippi shelter earlier this year will be available for adoption beginning this Saturday, April 3, at the shelter’s West Ridge Road location in Gainesville.


“The animals were suffering from obvious neglect, with the most pronounced medical condition being varying degrees of mange—in fact, a few had virtually no hair left on their bodies,” Dr. Martin del Campo says. “In addition, all of the dogs were malnourished, some had ear and other infections, and six of the dogs also tested heartworm positive.”

All of the dogs have been receiving care and undergoing the necessary treatments at HSNEGA since their arrival at the shelter. Dr. Martin del Campo says she has been very pleased with the improvement in their conditions, though some of the animals are still receiving treatment.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the 10 adult dogs or 3 puppies can call the HSNEGA at 770-532-6617.  (Closed April 4 for the Easter holiday.)

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