Oops, We Killed Your Dogs. Here, Have Some Cash

You might remember the story of a NC man whose dogs got out of his fenced yard through a hole and were picked up by animal control.  He fixed the fence and tried to redeem the dogs but animal control had “mistakenly” killed them.  They could not explain why.

Adding insult to injury, Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control then sent the owner a bill for $100.  After all, they have to get paid for their “services”.

Now, they want to give him money:

[T]he dogs’ owner says the organization has offered him $800 for the dogs, but he’s not accepting it.

Will Harlee says it’s not about the money. He wants to make sure what happened to his dogs, Deuce and Ralow, never happens again to other dogs and their families.

Animal Control still has no explanation for why they killed these two dogs.  But they are investigating.  So the public can sleep easy.

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