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Tribute to a former Vick dog who helped calm aggressive dogs in shelters before dying of cancer

If you get evicted and have no means of caring for your pets any longer, take them to the shelter – this is what shelters are for.  Don’t leave them to suffer slow, agonizing deaths.

Free “Building a No Kill Community” presentation on Friday, April 16 in Douglasville, GA

The Midland County Board of Commissioners in MI voted to change the animal shelter’s method of killing from carbon monoxide gas to injection.

143 animals, including a bunch of toy breed dogs, seized from “deplorable” Lee County, SC home.  Adopters wanted.

From the Land of PureGold:  pdf of “10 Practical Home Remedies for Your Dog” by Dr. Greg Martinez

Looking for a home:  This sounds like a pretty good kitteh.  (CT)

Interesting NYT blog on the idea of adding oysters to the vegan menu

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. RE oysters. I think one of the comments hits the nail on the head:

    “Language is a convention and such labels help people decide how they should interact with people. For example, just like him a number of people call themselves vegetarian but eat fish. This confuses others and people think all vegetarians eat fish. Food manufacturers certify products as made for vegans or vegetarians. If it is not clear what is meant by these terms there will be confusion as to what is being offered.

    Pain is defined as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage” – see Wikipedia. With this definition one doesn’t need a
    central nervous system to feel pain. Oysters have nerves and ganglia and respond like other animals to negative stimuli.”

    I’m vegan for a variety of reasons. I don’t want manufacturers of vegan products to be confused about what a vegan is and is not, such that they start to include clearly non-vegan items (animal products, period) in their products. It isn’t that difficult just to say, “I eat mostly plants, but like oysters.” You don’t need a label for that. And if you want the vegan label, live the vegan lifestyle – that means, no oysters. Hardly asking a lot.

  2. I’m really disturbed by someone who wants the vegan label, but has a rationalization for eating oysters — because they are sessile, stupid, whatever.

    Funny, I kill my own meat, including fellow-mammals, but I won’t eat raw oysters because the idea of dousing an animal with acid (lemon juice) and then swallowing it alive is repugnant to me.

    I don’t consider myself morally superior to people who eat oysters.

    But I also have no intention of letting anyone smug on me as more ethical or humane who DOES indulge.

    An oyster’s life is the only one it has — in that, it is no different than you or I or Elsie the Cow.

  3. Hi there!

    Just a quick note to thank you for following our blog, and for posting a link to our writeup of sweet Tammy! That was a really nice surprise, and Tracey and I are very appreciative for the extra exposure you’ve given this great cat. :)

    I like your blog, have signed up to follow, and am looking forward to the journey.

    Purrs to you,

    Kevin (aka “meowmeowmans”)

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