The Death of a Cat in Henry Co, IL

At some point, someone had a microchip placed in this beautiful gray cat, perhaps to protect him in the event he was separated from his owner.  We don’t know how the cat got separated from his owner (authorities were unable to locate the owner), but he ended up nailed to a utility pole in Henry Co, IL earlier this month.  Someone had beat the cat’s head in, causing severe brain damage, and nailed one hind paw to a pole, leaving the cat hanging to die.

A good Samaritan rescued the cat and he was taken to a local vet clinic for care.  Sadly, his injuries were too severe and he succumbed after a couple of days.  The Sheriff has pledged to continue working the case until it’s solved and there are large cash rewards being offered:

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers of Henry County at (800) 227-2324 or (309) 937-2324.

To someone, at some point, this cat had a special value.  I hope the community will honor that by finding the person responsible for this heinous crime before he/she/they prey upon another defenseless pet or person.

2 thoughts on “The Death of a Cat in Henry Co, IL

  1. Oh, every time I think I’ve heard the sickest thing on earth, something worse comes along. How do people even think of doing such horrific things.

    I hope they catch the person(s) responsible. The punishment should equal the crime. This is disgusting. And people wonder why I prefer the company of animals?

  2. I hope they find the piece of feces who did this.

    If only some parents had used a condom and never created wastes of space who do these kinds of things.

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