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PA rescue group pulls dogs from kill shelters in the South and gets them to foster homes

A group called Missourians for Animal Care has posted a video titled The Truth about HSUS on YouTube.

The VA proposal submitted by Gov. McDonnell (R) – which would legally forbid the killing of shelter dogs solely because of breed – would throw a huge monkey wrench into the killing practices of Loudon Co which has historically been an enthusiastic supporter of killing Pitbulls for no reason.

Two Pitbulls reportedly “crashed through” the front door of a GA home and one of the dogs killed the family pet.  Authorities were initially going to return both dogs to their owners but the owner of the dog who did the killing voluntarily surrendered his dog to the local shelter.  That dog is set to be killed.

A CA woman charged with felony animal cruelty after starving her German Shepherd Dog has been suspended from her job at a veterinary clinic.  Many moons ago when I worked in veterinary medicine, we could bring our own pets in for free care – it was a benefit of the job.  If that is the case here (I don’t know), it sort of boggles the mind that she didn’t get care for the dog.  Or at least put part of her paycheck toward dog food which she may have gotten a discount on if she bought it from her clinic (another perk).

MA is getting on board with states (such as Colorado) who recognize that pets are often used and victimized in domestic violence cases:

House Bill 1499, filed by Rep. Peter Koutoujian (D-Watertown), would allow judges to include animals in restraining orders in cases of domestic abuse.

Anyone caring for the animals while the victim is in a shelter or seeking help also would be protected.

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