Take a Check, Mr. Vick?

When I was a teenager, I sometimes liked to get autographs from bands after the show.  I don’t know where any of those signed ticket stubs and sharpied napkins are now but it seemed important at the time.  I never got a professional athlete’s autograph so maybe that’s why it surprised me to read that Michael Vick will be selling his signature at a VA bookstore this weekend.  At $30 a pop, I assume Vick will make a hefty profit off this – even if he writes reeeeeally slooooowly.

The manager of the bookstore “said the current Philadelphia Eagle will be donating ‘a portion of the proceeds’ to a local charity”, adding that he hopes that local charity will be an animal shelter.

So how much would you be willing to pay for Michael Vick’s autograph, knowing that a portion of your money might be going to a local animal shelter?  I’d rather spend my time and money at the local animal shelter directly, so I know for sure what’s happening with my cash.  Plus the pets at my local shelter let me walk right up and fawn all over them anytime I like – for free.

3 thoughts on “Take a Check, Mr. Vick?

  1. When not only the beneficiary of the donation, but the signer’s affiliation is apparently in doubt? Perhaps we could interest you in some mortgage-backed securities.

  2. Charging for an autograph is pretty standard for sports figures and celebrities – but I wouldn’t give one penny to Michael Vick. I don’t support scum.

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