Treats on the Internets

Study suggests shelter cats may enjoy catnip

WaPo:  Trap-neuter-return program in Fairfax Co, VA

A shelter worker wonders if the public has too many choices to be capable of actually choosing a pet when the shelter is full

In Orangeburg Co, SC, a neglected pony was seized from the owner but ordered returned because the local animal control ordinances only mention dogs and cats.

In the past, when dogs on heartworm meds came up positive for heartworms, the owner got the blame – even if he felt certain he had never missed a dose.  Now the topic has resurfaced for debate.

Interesting post and discussion on puppy mill legislation and HSUS at Pet Connection

Terrierman offers his take on factory farmed hens

Open season on pythons in the Everglades is reportedly a big fat zero although officials think the cold killed many of the snakes

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  1. Heartworm prevention medication has never been 100% effective. Merial even got into trouble with the FDA in 2006 for speaking as though it was in their advertising:

    If they were getting efficacy failures back in 06 even, it wouldn’t surprise me if the rates have been going up since then, since really nothing has been changed about the medication as far as I know.



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