Treats on the Internets

Old dog provides unique comfort to elderly man in time of despair

Rescue Chocolate sells vegan, kosher chocolate and donates profits to rescue related groups.  Profits from sales in May will be donated to the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Ohio State’s student newspaper looks at the problem of college students abandoning newly adopted pets when they move.

GA authorities continue seizing dogs in connection with a dogfighting ring bust – the number of dogs seized is now at 120.

A woman who runs a no kill shelter in GA is being fined over $3000 because a neighbor complained about barking dogs.  She may lose her shelter as a result.

VA Governor’s amendment that would prohibit shelters from killing dogs they think look like a certain breed has been defeated.

Austin rescue group is working to save shelter dogs from a Distemper outbreak

The Wife Swap/dog spa kennel owner in NC who had 97 dogs seized and was charged with cruelty is now being required to pay $50,000 or forfeit the animals.  The $50k is the amount it’s costing the county to care for the dogs for 30 days.  The owner says she could care for them for $2500 a month.  I think that’s the problem, see.  Whatever the amount the owner was spending on monthly care left the dogs with prolapsed uteri and such, causing authorities to step in, which brings us full circle.

Freeze-drying dead pets is so not for me – even if I had the extra thousands in cash.  But if it’s for you, FYI:

The owner (or a veterinarian) must place the pet in a freezer within hours, lest the body begin to decompose. (At the very least, the body should be refrigerated, which buys a day or two.) It is not possible to dig up a buried pet and then salvage the body.

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