Treats on the Internets

Whether you like or dislike my links posts, you’ve been seeing a lot of them lately.  You can thank/blame my tendinitis which has been mercifully tame for many years but now back with a vengeance.

KC Dog Blog has a good post about Missouri animal legislation and the need to give voice to the animal welfare movement’s expansive, largely unrepresented middle ground.  Reader response here.

Do you remember learning about carpetbagging in history class?  That’s what the HSUS is accused of doing in OH by Humane Watch.

Live streaming video of a wild Barn Owl and offspring.  There is a heads up on the site that they eat small mammals without warning.

A couple links that people wanting to eat local, sustainable food will be interested in:  Sustainable Table and Hyperlocavore, the latter being a site dedicated to yard sharing.

KY farm groups donating a ton of pet food to local shelter, hoping for some positive press:

Reports of mishandling animals isn’t true of 99 percent of those involved with raising livestock, [Beef producer Chuck Crutcher] said. Animal rights activists “pick out certain events and highlight them.”

Crutcher said that isn’t what farmers are about.

“We’re interested in taking care of our animals.”

Wow – it takes 200 gallons of water to make a dollar’s worth of pet food in the U.S.

I must be one of those superficial voters because I’d totally vote for this candidate based on his photo alone.

Don’t throw away that dog hair – it could save the Gulf Coast.

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  1. Haha! And that TX candidate has a trusting smile, too, not one of those fake ones they usually paste on their faces! ;)

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