Treats on the Internets

A new AP poll finds that 54% of respondents will adopt their next pet from a shelter, 23% will buy from a breeder and 8% will buy from a pet store.

Puppy seller in FL was shut down by the court in February and prohibited from selling dogs for the next 10 years.  It sounds like he waited 10 minutes before getting back to business.

Memphis taxpayers have finally been relieved of one of the suspended shelter employees who has been collecting a paycheck for not working.  Taxpayers are however still paying over $2400 a week (total) to two other suspended shelter staffers.

April was a very good month for shelter cats in Tacoma, WA

Best Friends Animal Society’s tool for calculating the savings to your area in implementing TNR for the community’s cats

Some of you may have come across rescues asking you to vote for them in the Pepsi “Refresh Everything” grant distribution campaign.  In this doctor’s view, it’s a deal with the devil.

2 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I’m all for adopting shelter pets, but I hope that these 54% realize that some of these dogs come with problems and will have the patience to deal with them.

    1. I would be far more concerned about the 8% who buy from a pet store and whether the owners will have the wherewithal to deal with the problems of the pups they buy.

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