With a Twist

If you’re one of those people who enjoys a good plot twist, I hope you’ve been following the story of the SD dog breeder who had his property raided by Second Chance Rescue and HSUS in September of last year.  They seized 172 dogs and fostered out a bunch of them.  In February, a judge ruled the search and seizure warrant used in the raid was illegal.  Oops.  HSUS should totally dock the pay on some of their lawyers.

Last month, Second Chance Rescue filed documents with the court indicating the cost of caring for the dogs was in the neighborhood of $400,000.  They want the owner whom they illegally took the dogs from to pay the $400 grand or give up his ownership rights.  Understandably, the owner declined their generous offer.

This week, Second Chance reportedly told the foster families they could buy the foster dogs from the owner for $100 each.  The owner has apparently received payment for 35 dogs so far this week.  The case is still in the courts so perhaps more twists are to come.  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “With a Twist

  1. just thinking about one of your scenarios… where you FORGET you put the dog on a stay then call him from another room -hell I did that to my kid once! She was sitting on the stairs doing time out and it must have been 45 minutes later, this little voice, mum, is my time out up now? Ouch – and yeah, most definitely could happen with dogs!

  2. I’ve noticed that all of these people who seem to believe that they are on the side of “good” or “white light” get this urge to beat the rest of the world into conformity with their wishes. Doesn’t this make it seem as if that white light might be something to be avoided at all costs?

    Or can the impulse to do good be successfully controlled? I’ve seen the white light used over and over again as an excuse to do evil deeds in some kind of game where people do good by fighting evil. In this battle people shed all kinds of blood, destroy a lot of what is good, and it gets worse every time they do something. It doesn’t seem to work this way when people do good by healing the sick and feeding and clothing those who are in need.

    What we have here, however, is an obvious bunch of parasites who have adopted the pretense of doing good by fighting evil. This easily ropes in people who are sincerely motivated to do good. I myself have caught myself in situations in which I was being mean to people because I thought that they were evil, and maybe they were, but what good was I doing in a positive way? There was some. You can’t really help it if you’re living and breathing. Appreciating the fact makes the difference. If I fed and sheltered even the least of God’s creatures, I was doing that for Him. But if I want to tear down His greatest creation on Earth for the sake of profit or some very obviously wrong version of morality, or using those creatures as an excuse, that’s the nature of blasphemy.

  3. Unfortunately in respect to animals, most of our city folk know little or nothing about live animals now being 4 to 5 generations “off and away from the farm” with their major notions having come from some billion buck profitable — cartoon or movie. Then there’s the problem of animal radical groups passing out huge financial rewards for “anonymous tips” about a few abused animals but far more non abused animals deliberately made to sound as if they were abused. In paricularly low income low education states, it’s as easy as it’s potentially profitable to demonize a neighbor for potential gain. It’s especially sad to see an “animal sanctuary” where most animals contained therein as gonad gutted shells protratey and propagandized as being the new PC “norm”. We don’t require our human friends to have vasectomies or hysterectomies before allowing them in our families and homes–but society is following the pied piper of eradicating whole species of domestic animals it took our forefathers thousands to tens of thousands of years to domestica just to feed some “witch hunter”, gonad gutter current societal mentality–as the most recent fad.

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