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A 78 year old man checked before moving into an Arkansas subdivision that it would be ok to bring his arthritic potbellied pig, whom he’s had since birth.  Although he was led to believe there wouldn’t be a problem, it turns out the city council had long ago outlawed hogs and makes no distinction between farm hogs and pet potbellied pigs.  The owner has taken his case to the courts and a trial is set for June 29.  If the judge rules against him, he may have the pet killed, rather than rehome him:

“If he tells me I have to get rid of him, I guess, as bad as it will hurt, I’ll have to do it,” [the pig’s owner] said. “I would probably have to have him euthanized because I don’t think anybody would take care of him the way I do.”


I don’t know when, if ever, the Memphis Animal Shelter plans on getting its act together.  The latest scandal involves basically empty personnel files for shelter employees:

[Taxpayers] paid for Ivan Russell to be suspended with pay for six months in connection with the sheriff’s department raid last fall. City bosses say they kept him on the payroll because saying were checking his personnel file.

What did that exhaustive search reveal? There is a copy of his divorce decree but nothing that shows he was ever written up or disciplined in connection with the raid on the shelter.


Whenever we come across images of baby animals that would probably not appreciate being pet, Billy always likes to ask me, “Do you want to pet it?”.  So, in advance, I answer yes to these.


Sumatran tigers and orangutans get a break – Nestle will no longer use palm oil.

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