Suspect Arrested in KY Shelter Pet Crime

In February, someone broke into the Leitchfield Animal Shelter in KY and stole some petty cash.  Then for laughs, let a dog out of a cage and locked her in the main office in order to orchestrate the cruel deaths of two shelter cats:

[Shelter volunteer Bettye] Lane explained that a city worker discovered the bloody mess in the early morning hours on February 24.

“Blood was everywhere,” Lane said. “It was just rubble in here. Two cages were down on the floor. Two dead cats were found with two chairs placed in front of the door. They put the dog in here where she could not get out, to attack the cats and kill them, which she did.”

Lane added that four or five dogs, also living at the shelter, were let out of their cages. The animals were found to be running around outside when the city worker arrived.

This month, an arrest was made in the case:

Aubrey Dewayne Russell, 27, Leitchfield, was arrested on May 6 by local authorities.


Russell is facing numerous charges in this case, including brutality to animals.

[Detective Gary] Troutman charged Russell with burglary third degree, theft by unlawful taking/disp-all others, cruelty to animals first degree and persistent felony offender first degree.

I’m not  a lawyer but I’m guessing the “persistent felony offender” charge means the suspect is a serial offender.  I hope the courts take this case seriously before we end up talking about a serial something else.

One thought on “Suspect Arrested in KY Shelter Pet Crime

  1. Yes, persistent felony offender means the perp is a regular repeater. Laws vary by state. The one I’m familiar with, it’s two felonies within five years.

    There is some sort of bad juju attached to the middle name Wayne. This has been noted by the guy who writes the Weird News column for whatever syndicate that is — the number of incompetent dirtbag criminals with Wayne as a middle name is noteworthy. I assume that DeWayne also counts.

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