I love pet quirks.  Although over time, I tend to forget that these odd little behaviors are in any way unusual, since they seem ordinary after awhile.  A few of our pets’ quirks:

  • When Graham wants to be let in, she turns her back to the door, walks several paces and barks in the direction of the yard.
  • While Charlie is getting a full body scratch, he goes into a state of apparent euphoria and literally falls over – and I don’t mean gracefully.
  • My old cat Alice (now deceased) loved to nibble on peach pits.  He would wait at my side while I ate a peach and then I would hold the pit for him while he nibbled.

Do you have any pet quirks to share?

3 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. French Bulldogs are pretty much *defined* by their quirks.

    We have: Delilah, the dog who won’t come down the stairs (but who will eat anything, including lemon slices); Sailor, the dog who barkbarkbarks until other dogs give her what she wants; Tula, who sings…

    The list goes on.

  2. My kitty does the “literally falling over” thing sometimes when she gets cuddles. When she was younger, sometimes she would just fall over if you called her name with a certain intonation. We call it “getting swoony.”

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