Kudos to The Delano Animal Shelter and KGET

We hear too often about complaints from the public regarding terrible conditions at shelters.  Sometimes we learn about these via a local news station.  In the case of CA station KGET, they followed up on a viewer complaint about substandard care at the Delano shelter, found that it was likely a misunderstanding, and ran the story.  I’m sure many stations would have dropped the piece once it was determined to be lacking in blood and guts.  I’m grateful KGET not only conducted an investigation but also followed through by reporting on it.  We can always use good news:

The viewer also claimed the shelter was filthy, with “flies everywhere”. Flies did swarm around the food and feces, but the cat houses and dog pens were clean.  Also, the dog kennels did not have that familiar smell of a pound. The cats cages were not crowded and were supplied with adequate water, food, and shade,

A volunteer became emotional reading that the viewer felt the Delano Animal Shelter employees did not care.

“It’s a struggle everyday because of budgets and everything,” said Glenda Miller. “We make due with what we’ve got. Sure, it’s not the nicest or the best but we… ” Miller could not finish her thought because she was overcome by tears.

For example, Miller showed 17 News a dog whose life was saved at the shelter after it was hit by a car. The shelter had no money for surgery so she paid out of her own pocket.

Thank you to the viewer who tipped off the local news when she thought the shelter’s pets might be in danger.  Thank you KGET for following up on the tip and making the results of your investigation public.  And thank you to the good people at the Delano Animal Shelter for doing their best to care for the community’s pets.

6 thoughts on “Kudos to The Delano Animal Shelter and KGET

  1. hate to rain on the parade…but if there were flies swarming and “feces’ lying around and this was Not a shelter.. these animals would be “seized” as living in “unsanitary” conditions.. what is good for the goose ( shelter) is never good enough for the gander ( breeder or kennel owner)
    if a breeder or a kennel owner is overcome by tears because she/he cannot find the extra funds to care for their animals they are usually taken from them and the owners charged with “animal cruelty” and then trashed on some blog for being “abusers”.. and guess where they go.. yup right into those “shelters” where conditions are the same or worse..
    nope whatever standards are set for “breeders” and kennel owners..they should be BETTER at shelters.. not worse or equal to..

    1. C’mon Alice – you don’t “hate to rain on the parade”. It’s all you do. You don’t contribute anything with your comments beyond a “Hitler finds out…” video.

  2. I completely disagree with Alice. The report clearly states that while the outdoor runs contained feces, the houses and indoor pens were clean.

    Would a sterile environment be ideal? Sure! Realistic? Are you kidding? Let’s say they have someone go around every hour on the hour to scoop up all the poop and freshen all of the food. A few dozen dogs… I betcha you’re looking at not a single one hour period where there is not stool in several pens. My own guys poop twice a day, three times if they are stressed. These dogs are under massive stress and are eating the cheapest fare available. They poop like… well, like dogs in a shelter eating cheap cwap!

    But I’m sure that Alice’s backyard is a picture of sterility, not a loose poop anywhere, and certainly not a fly! Ewwwww!

    Unlike my own, and I’m sure…. yup, every other reader.

    So just how often DO you think is sufficient to keep a kennel full of stressed out dogs clean? How many hours a day? How much manpower?

    I just have this image of this very serious looking kennel worker, all hunched over with their hat on backwards and their shades pulled down, wearing a shirt that declares “FECAL PATROL” on the front in huge yellow letters. The mission? To catch the poop before it hits the ground. Their mantra “Cold is Not Fast Enough!”

  3. Don’t know anything about a Hitler video.. but my point is that NO person.. or shelter can be 100 percent all of the time..not me.. not you.. not any shelter..not any boarding kennel.. not any breeder.. NO ONE.. so point still is.. the shelter was doing its very best and was STILL reported..my guess would be by people who really have no idea about dog care.
    It does not matter who is doing the care.. most people do the best they can..no matter who they are.. but to some people it is not enough..and never will be.
    I applaud this shelter for trying to do it right with limited resources.. and I wish the same were extended to all situations where dogs are kept..
    POOP is poop.. and **it happens.
    I would like it if every person who is the victim of a “report” could say..
    “We make due with what we’ve got. Sure, it’s not the nicest or the best but we…”
    There are may people struggling with their animals out there now .. due to lack of funds..they need help.. not punishment.
    Film at 11

  4. Delano is probably the best shelter in the state. No, it’s not the prettiest, they run on a budget of next to nothing and save more animals than other better funded, better staffed and better supplied shelters. The staff and the wonderful volunteers each do the job of 4 people on a daily basis. The animals I have personally got from Delano were healthy, happy and well fed. The staff and the volunteers know each animal and work hard to find homes. These animals may not have a nice shiny new shelter but they get walks, attention and lots of pats and affection..

    I suggest that anyone that has concerns, should donate items to this shelter and go volunteer.

  5. My point.. you don’t need marble floors and fancy buildings to run a clean and decent place for dogs and cats.. and other animals..and yet that is what is pushed in many places. they still kill animals “for space” but the front desk has a new Mac.. and pretty wall paper..Put the money where is counts.. and get the dogs and cats.. and other critters. Glad to hear Delano is one such place

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