Something Sucketh This Way Comes

A man in Orange County Florida had a one year old Lab who apparently got run over by a car several weeks ago and suffered a broken leg.  Rather than take the dog to a Vet or doing any number of other sane things, the guy put the dog out with the trash:

Dillinger’s owner put the canine in his crate, covered him with a blanket and placed him by the curb to be picked up with the rest of his garbage, officials said.

Dude, unless you are severely mentally disabled and the person supposed to be looking out for you is dead in a ditch somewhere, you suck.

A local rescue fixed the dog’s leg and is now looking for a home for him with someone slightly less dirtbag-ish.  Authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

Dillinger is in good spirits, according to the pet rescue, and is available for adoption. He is said to love other dogs and people despite the circumstances.

Keep the faith, pup.  We are not all asshats, I swear.

5 thoughts on “Something Sucketh This Way Comes

  1. WHAT is WRONG with people- they bloody BETTER prosecute him! The dog looked emaciated in the crate apart from anything else.

  2. Incredible, just incredible. He sucketh big time. Poor dog deserves only the best from now on. The previous owner deserves a ride in the back of the garbage truck.

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