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Puffins cereal is on clearance at my local grocery store.  I hope they’re not discontinuing it and that it was only on clearance because the expiration date is within a few weeks.  At any rate, I am always looking for alternatives to slaving over a hot stove once the heat and humidity hit Africa levels.  So I scooped up a couple boxes of Puffins and will be feeding that to the dogs with some homemade yogurt and applesauce from a jar.  (I did have to cook the milk last week to make the yogurt but that was worth it to make 4 quarts of yogurt.)

Puffins – at least this variety – is a corn based cereal and I know some people don’t like to feed corn to their dogs.  Mine have never had a problem with it and in cold weather, I make corn bread to share with the dogs quite often.  (I really prefer it warm and fresh out the oven so the dogs are a handy disposal for all that “cold” corn bread later on.)  So I get today off from cooking.  Anyone else have any no (or low) cook dog dinners to share?

6 thoughts on “Dinner at Chez Dog

  1. while my dog would prefer to eat a REAL puffin.probably raw.. so that counts as no cook. I too make lots of low or no cook stuff..any kind of soak-able grains.. I make Tabbouleh with fresh mint and lots of good olive oil.. I soak some extra grain for the dogs) you only need water.. no cooking required)… without the mint and oil unless I get sick of eating it myself.. beware.. it EXPANDS.. mixed with some raw ground beef.. or an egg or two.. a nice snack that does not heat up anyone’s kitchen..

  2. I use a rice cooker for almost all the grains and veggies I cook for the pups. It doesn’t steam up or make the kitchen any hotter. Rolled oats are also super easy and quick to cook – 4-7 minutes and done.

    I also soak some grains, like wheat berries and oats. It’s harder for my dogs to digest soaked grains than cooked, but they love soaked nuts and can digest them over raw or cooked nuts.

  3. Sounds like I need to get a rice cooker. I have a crock pot but it takes like all day and half the night to cook rice in the thing.

    1. It really has been one of my best kitchen investments, although I wish I had purchased a larger one! I haven’t had to cook anything in it that has taken more than 40 minutes.

      The only downside is when I bring it out, I have two begging pooches in the kitchen staring me down. :)

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