This WOULD be funny…

…if PETA didn’t already operate the country’s most depraved pet slaughterhouse themselves:

There could be a new “sequel” to the Amityville Horror: PETA wants to move in.

The animal rights group has asked to lease the famed haunted home in order to transform it into an exhibit that would scare people out of eating meat and using animal products.

Regardless of whether you are a meat eater, a vegetarian, or a vegan, I think most of us will agree that this latest PR stunt from PETA has a certain whiff of crazy to it.  They are wanting to use a reportedly haunted house to scare people about the horrors of food animal slaughterhouses when they themselves run a pet slaughterhouse that would haunt the conscience of anyone wise enough to check the facts.

As reported to the government of Virginia:

PETA’s 2006 kill rate of pets in their “shelter”:  97%

PETA’s 2007 kill rate of pets in their “shelter”:  91%

PETA’s 2008 kill rate of pets in their “shelter”:  96%

PETA’s 2009 kill rate (pdf) of pets in their “shelter”:  97%

PETA’s PR stunts don’t scare me.  What scares me is that anyone with a mind to donate money to help pets would consider PETA a good beneficiary for their donation.  PETA kills pets.  Donate to your local no kill shelter or rescue group instead – they actually care about and for pets.

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  1. I’m so tired of media stories implying that these butchers are just funny and quirky.

  2. Srsly, why not just give tours of their feckin’ freezer?

    I get nightmares just knowing it’s still there.

  3. PETA are sh*t. Everybody knows it…even the PETA zombies (followers)



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