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Musician Edwin McCain’s 4 year old kid got bitten in the face by a dog at a YMCA soccer game.  He is spreading a message to dog owners not to bring their dogs to kids’ sporting events.  That might be a good idea since, as we see all too often, some parents do not provide consistent and adequate supervision for their children.  On the other hand, it seems a shame to punish the 4 legged family members because the two legged members won’t be responsible parents.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues to claim lives.  I have always felt a special fondness for sea turtles so seeing them dead on the beaches is especially sad for me.  227 dead sea turtles so far…

More proof that most people don’t suck.

A cattle Vet responds to the Conklin dairy farm abuse

The PA SPCA reports that since Michael Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles football team, dogfighting cases in the area have tripled.

Clark Co NV is proposing a bunch of very bad additional legislative changes to pile on to their new MSN law.  Anyone with more than 3 pets has to buy a “fancier” permit; breeders can only keep eight pets and have to buy a permit; if animal control picks up your pet on the street, you have to provide proof of ownership to their satisfaction in order to redeem him, etc.

The Boston GlobeHow we can coexist peacefully with coyotes

And just a note to the person who recently found this blog after typing “why did i get ringworm and nobody else did?” into a search engine:  Aw.  Chin up old girl.  I’m sure somebody, somewhere got ringworm besides you.  Feel better?

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  1. I’m sure somebody, somewhere got ringworm besides you.

    Just ask the animals at the OSPCA. Oh, wait – most of them are dead. Chin up, you’ve got ringworm, but the OSPCA didn’t kill you!

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