Treats on the Internets

From Saving PetsThe astounding power of free pet adoption events

Smartdogs checks up on a Humane Watch vs. HSUS story that ran in her local paper

Slideshow of pets suffering at Robeson County Animal Shelter in NC (warning – dead kitten photo)

Terrierman connects the falling-down-on-the-job federal puppy mill inspectors to the AVMA via a veterinarian who promotes twice yearly “wellness” visits for pets

Georgia shelter full:  “Charlton County’s only municipality with an animal control program is getting out of the business of picking up stray dogs and cats – at least temporarily.”

2 NV men plead guilty to shooting into a herd of wild Mustangs, killing 5 of the horses.  Explanation?  glug-glug-glug

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten drunk and thought shooting into a herd of horses was a great idea!

  2. They need to be more careful about selecting photos re: Robeson Shelter.

    Two of the photos were not what they claimed to be. One claimed a cat was in a cage with no litter or water, but the entire cage was not photographed nor was the inside of the pan visible.

    This may go unnoticed, if not for the previous photo, where a cage is said to be without food, water or litter. Again, the interior of the litter pan is not visible, however a food dish is with clean water and what appears to be fresh food.

    Not saying that these conditions weren’t visible, but if I had the HSUS claiming that there were no issues while I attempted to document what was obviously widespread cruelty and neglect… I would be very careful to get the documentation as perfect as possible.

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